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Distributor of Stock UST (U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission) Sprockets & Chains

We provide re-machining (re-boring, drilled & taped holes, keyways) services to any UST sprocket or chain.

Here at Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company we pride ourselves on offering our customers with the best possible solution whether that is a custom engineered spline gear made here at our facility in East Walpole, Massachusetts or one of our many other custom gear solutions that range from bevel gears to worm gears. In addition to our own custom gears, we are also proud to say that we are a distributor of UST (U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC) sprockets and chains. Not only do we distribute top of the line stock UST sprockets and chains, we can also re-machine the stock parts to fit your needs, such as re-boring, drilled & taped holes, keyways, and more.

Roller Chains

Roller Chains
UST has the widest variety of chains on the market, as you may know roller chains are used most commonly used for the transmission of mechanical power on a wide range of machinery found in a variety of industries such as domestic, agricultural and industrials types of machines. So if you are looking to enhance or replace your roller chains on your conveyors, tube drawing machines, printing presses or other applications. Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company can supply you with the best roller chains in the industry.

ANSI Roller Chains

We supply all four styles of ANSI Roller Chains that UST carries which are Heavy Duty Chains, Leaf Chains, Double Pitch Roller Chain and RS25 through RS240. Each of these styles of ANSI Roller Chains can be used for different applications depending on the unique requirements involved. From Heavy construction to industrial applications.

Lambda Lube-Free Chains

All of our Lambda Lube-Free chains can be divided into four different groups as well: Nickel-Plated Drive Lambda Lube Free Chains, RS Drive Lambda Lube-Free Chains, BS/DIN Drive Lambda Chains and conveyor Lambda chains. Nickel Plated single strand drive lambda chains and double strand drive lambda chains are great for applications that have a very high heat along with mildly corrosive environments.

Anti-Corrosive/Heat Resistant Chains

UST also supplies a wide range of anti-corrosive/heat resistant chains that are great for a number of different applications. These chains can be divided into Neptune brand chains, Nickel-Plated chains, stainless steel chain and poly-steel chains. Neptune chains are resistant to corrosion when they are exposed to harsh outdoor environment such as seawater. While stainless steel chains are great for applications where corrosion resistance is needed in addition to being able to support a large load capacity.

Specialty Chains

Theses specialty chains are designed with specific applications in mind which range from energy series chains, ultra-miniature chains, bearing bush chains, automatic tool changers chains, free flow chains, top chains, cableveyors, FX chain, Rollerless chain, Wrench Chain, Laminated Block chain and agriculture chains. As you can tell these chains are in place for the most demanding applications across a number of different industries. Contact us for more information if you are interested in a specific specialty chain.

Attachment Chains

Attachment chains are split into two subcategories, standard attachment chains and specialty attachment chains. There are seven different styles of standard attachment chains: Single pitch attachment chains, Double Pitch Attachment Chain, Hollow Pin chain, Lambda Lube-Free Attachment chains, Curved Attachment Chains, Plastic Sleeve chains, BS/DIN Chain Series. On the other side of things, specialty attachment chains are divided into four categories: Crossrod Conveyor Chain, Live Tublar Roller Chain, Agriculture Attachment Chain, and Stock Specialty Attachment Chain.

Plastic Chains

Occasionally certain applications call for the use of plastic chains, and UST also supplies them which means that Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company distributes them. There are twenty different styles of RS Plastic Chains and one form of RS Double Pitch Types, contact us today for further information on Plastic chains in order to find one that fits into your application.

Chain Tool Accessories

Not only do we distribute the chains themselves, but we also distribute a wide range of chain tool accessories such as chain punches tools, chain vises tools, chain breakers tools, and chain pullers tools. As in all areas of business, we here at Commercial Gear strive to provide you only the best.

Engineering Class Chains

Engineering Class Chains
We proudly offer these heavy-duty chains that are designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions across a wide range of applications. These engineering class chains offer unparalleled reliability, productivity, and wear life next to any other product on the market. We are happy to say that we distribute UST’s full line of engineering class chains.

Engineering Class Drive Chains

These chains are specially designed in order to exceed the listed ultimate strength ratings. The higher the rating, the higher actual yield and greater fatigue strength. By purchasing UST engineering class chains through Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company you get that extra reserve strength you need to withstand high shock loads.

Roller Conveyor Chains

Our roller conveyor chains selection can be split into two four different categories such as roller conveyor plain chains, roller conveyor chain attachments, apron conveyors, and caterpillar drive chains. These roller conveyor chains are great for moving tough materials from point A to point B.

Steel Brushed Chains

We offer both steel brush plain chains as well as steel brushed attachments in order to get the most out of your steel brushed plain chains. If you have any questions about our steel brushed chains, contact us today and we would be happy to answer any and all questions.


Our sprockets help to keep your system running at peak performance and on the cutting edge, as they are made from top-grade, heat treated steel in order to be most effective within your applications. We have two distinct categories of UST stock sprockets to choose from:

Roller Chain Sprockets

Within this category we have a number of different choices ranging from ANSI Single Pitch Sprockets to bushings and hubs. For more information on the Roller Chain sprockets that we distribute contact us today!

Engineering Class Sprockets

In order for chains and sprockets to work together, it helps to purchase them from the same source. So if you purchase a UST engineering class chain it only makes sense to purchase the matching engineering class sprocket through Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company as well. We carry a number of different UST Engineering class sprockets ranging from Drive chain sprockets and dairy case flex bar chain sprockets to specialty chain sprockets and segmental rim sprockets.

Custom Chains

Custom Chains
If you’re not able to find a stock chain to fit your needs through UST, they also offer custom chains that are designed to specifically fit your needs and wants. These are also distributed through Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company, if you have any questions about any of these items from UST or one of our own custom products do not hesitate to contact us!

Let Commercial Gear solve the problems you are having with your present gear & machining supplier! We welcome the challenge!

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