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Custom Made Bevel and Mitre Gears

Commercial Gear and Sprocket Co. offers a wide range of
Gears and Gear Related Products:

• Up to 24” diameter x 3 ½” face
• 64 D.P. to 3 D.P.

Custom Made Bevel and Mitre Gears

CG&S uses the latest in bevel gear generating equipment coupled with calibrated inspection equipment & proven inspection techniques, our customers in rail car & public transit equipment, machine tool builders, marine applications & many others, enjoy a level of trust in our abilities that is hard to find with other custom gear & machining companies.

Case in point;

A marine pump manufacture came to us with the problem of gears making too much noise in their assembly, we had them send us sample parts from their present gear supplier, we inspected the parts using our proven inspection methods & found several problem using contact bearing on our calibrated Gleason center distance checker & found cross bearing (Heel to toe), axial & radial runout tests were performed & found that runout was exceeding backlash in the set. We wrote a quality plan for our potential customer, CG&S was awarded a contract & our marine pump builder has been running smooth ever since.

Respectfully submitted, Thomas A Shaw, President.

Let Commercial Gear solve the problems you are having with your present gear & machining supplier! We welcome the challenge!

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