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Precision Gear Cutting Equipment Used For Commercial Gears & Sprockets

Gear Shaping, Hobbing, Bevel Gear Generators, Thread Milling & Gear Milling

Our custom gear cutting Services at Commercial Gear & Sprocket is unmatched: We meet the needs of each customer, tailoring our capabilities to your individual needs, and we deliver on time every time. Commercial Gear's machinists, some with over 30 years of experience, ensure that your job is produced to your specifications the first time.

Custom Hobbing capabilities

Our machining facility is stocked with a fleet of large-run production machines along with the most modern precision equipment.

Our hobbing capabilities range from 1/4" to 60", shaping from 1/8" to 36" diameter, and bevel gearing from 1/4" to 24" diameter. Our equipment also includes late-model CNC turning and machining centers and a full range of secondary equipment such as lathes, milling, deburring machines and inspection equipment. We offer many sources for heat treating processes and metal finishes as well.

Gear Shapers
Spur and Helical

2) Fellows #4GS & (1) 4AGS
(2) Fellows #61A
(1) Fellows #615
(4) Fellows #712 High Speed Shapers
(1) Fellows #8 AGS
(1) Fellows 10-4 Precision Shaper
(1) Fellows #36-6

Rack Gearing

1) Fellows #615A
(2) Whiton #2 Rack Milling Machine
(1) Fellows #714

Bevel Gear Generators

(1) Gleason #12
(3) Gleason #3
(2) Gleason #104 Coniflex High Speed Bevel Generator
(1) Gleason #14 Coniflex

Gleason Bevel Gear

* Hobbing Equipment

(7) Barber Coleman #6-10
(2) Barber Coleman #16-36
(1) Pfauter P-1500
(1) Liebherr L-402 Precision Hobber
(1) Barber Coleman #16-16
* For Mfg. of Helical, Worm Gear,Spur & Spline Shafting

Gear Cutting

Thread Milling

(1) Lees Bradner #6-84
(2) Waltham Thread Millers (1 w/taper att.)

Barber Coleman Gear Checker

Involute Gear Milling, Ratchet & Clutch Cutting

(1) Whiton #1
(2) Whiton #2
(2) Whiton #2 w/face gear attachment

Gear Tooth Chamfering

(1) Hey 10-inch Chamfering Machine
(2) Redin #20D Automatic Gear Deburring Machine


Various Deburring Equipment
Various Gear Finishing Equipment

Let Commercial Gear solve the problems you are having with your present gear & machining supplier! We welcome the challenge!

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