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Custom Machining and Fabrication Capabilities

Custom Gears, Gear Assemblies and Sprocket Products

Custom gears, gear assemblies and sprocket products made to your exact specifications require precision equipment, quality workmanship, expedient delivery, and strict quality procedures. These are the foundation of Commercial Gear & Sprocket. We ensure that your job is done right every time and ready to ship when you need it.

Need help with your project? Visit our Design & Engineer Resources page, or give us a call, our engineers will be happy to provide any assistance.

Machining Equipment

CNC Lathes:

(1) Okumat Howa Act 35w/SMW 2000 Bar Feed
(1) Cincinnati Milacron Avenger 250 T
(1) Doosan Lynx 220LMS Turn/Mill with Live Tooling & Sub Spindle

CNC Machined PartsDoosan Lynx 220LMS Turn Mill

CNC Mill:

(1) Supermax Max-3 Vertical Machining Center

CNC Mill

Manual Lathes:

(1) #5 Jones & Lamson
(1) Hardinge DSM-59
(1) Hitachi Seiki 4D Semi Auto
(1) American Pacemaker Engine Lathe


Rack Gearing

(1) Fellows #615A
(2) Whiton #2 Rack Milling Machine
(1) Fellows #714

Machined Rack Gears Fellows Gear Shaper

Bevel Gear Generators

(1) Gleason #12
(3) Gleason #3
(2) Gleason #104 Coniflex High Speed Bevel Generator
(1) Gleason #14 Coniflex

Gleason Bevel Gear Generator

* Hobbing Equipment

(7) Barber Coleman #6-10
(2) Barber Coleman #16-36
(1) Pfauter P-1500
(1) Liebherr L-402 Precision Hobber
(1) Barber Coleman #16-16
* For Mfg. of Helical, Worm Gear,Spur & Spline Shafting

Gear Cutting

Thread Milling

(1) Lees Bradner #6-84
(2) Waltham Thread Millers (1 w/taper att.)

Barber Coleman Gear Checker

Involute Gear Milling, Ratchet & Clutch Cutting

(1) Whiton #1
(2) Whiton #2
(2) Whiton #2 w/face gear attachment

Machined Rack Gears

Gear Tooth Chamfering

(1) Hey 10-inch Chamfering Machine
(2) Redin #20D Automatic Gear Deburring Machine


Various Deburring Equipment
Various Gear Finishing Equipment

Let Commercial Gear solve the problems you are having with your present gear & machining supplier! We welcome the challenge!

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