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Bevel Gears from Commercial Gear & Sprocket Co.

7 Sep 2016

In case you are unaware, a bevel gear is an angled gear that turns another angled gear. This is possible because the gearhead is made with a bevelled edge and teeth. Bevel gears are just one of the many products that we manufacture at the Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company Inc. Although they can be used in many different setups, bevel gears are most commonly found between shafts that face each other at a 90 degree angle. The bevel gear makes it possible for force to be transferred at such an angle, which is important in tight spaces or unique equipment designs.

So what applications are bevel gears typically used for? Small bevel gears are used in hand drills to change to rotation speed of the drill as it passes through various types of materials. In the automotive industry, large bevel gears are used to create differential drives so that power can be provided to both axles at different speeds. This may be beneficial when a car is cornering to help power that outside wheels through the turn and assist with steering. Besides these specific examples, bevel gears have lots of applications in the marine, locomotive, printing and steel industries. It goes without staying that bevel gears are in high demand due to their functional abilities.

The material that is used to manufacture a bevel gear varies based on the needs of the application that it will be used for. Cast iron can be used for larger gears in heavy duty settings, but aluminum and steel are also frequently used.

At Commercial Gear, our industrial clients trust us to manufacture high quality bevel gears that are durable enough to meet the demands that will be placed upon them on a daily basis. No matter the size or the application, we are able to create parts that will stand the test of time. As an experienced and trusted manufacture, our expertise makes us more than capable of providing you with the right gears for the job. Browse through the various products on our website to learn more, or contact us directly with your questions. You won’t be disappointed!

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