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Employment Opportunities

Job Description: CNC Machinist
Title: Machine Department Manager / Forman
Salary: $25-35/hour

Join Our Incredible Team! All Employees have been here for years!

*Flexible Hours
*Benefits Available (Health Care, Paid Vacation, Sick Time, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance)

Primarily responsible for efficient and effective production.

Ability to completely set-up CNC lathes and mills; write "G" code programming via cad-cam software, program file management, Quality planning, set-up chucks, tool holders, tooling, fixtures and adjust tooling offsets as required to manufacture product meeting print specifications by means of standard measuring instruments. Strong knowledge of Brown & Sharp MicroHeight a plus!

Adjust tool position, functions, and settings properly as well as feed and speed rates as they relate to insert wear and chip formation.

Understand and perform basic machine maintenance and assist with repairs as needed and replace worn inserts, drills, and/or tooling.

Operate hand and power tools as required to perform job assignments.


  • Minimum 5yrs machine shop experience, at least 3yrs experience with respect to management or progressive supervision
  • Experience within the gear manufacturing industry a plus
  • Previous experience with respect to developing and executing material flow plans in efforts to achieve production requirements
  • Experience with procurement and machine operating such as CNC, milling, lathe, finishing, manual lathe
  • Experience with and exposure to CNC programming methodologies as well as cellular manufacturing also a plus
  • Effectively and productively interface with employee issues, customer needs, and any supplier issues with respect to production requirements
  • Proven track record of operational improvements accomplishments such as cycle time reductions, tooling cost improvements, and performance output
  • Performs multiple operations as required.
  • Work plan and development implementation to improve turn-around time and inventory management.
  • Machine shop environment background preferred. Basic mathematical skills, ability to read, understand and interpret prints, experience with measuring instruments, experience completing reports and documentation, read and understand written directions & procedures. Self-motivated and willing to work with minimal supervision.

  • New Year’s Eve (January)
  • Washington’s Birthday (February)
  • Patriot’s Day (April)
  • Memorial Day (May)
  • Independence Day (July)
  • Labor Day (September)
  • Columbus Day (October)
  • Veteran’s Day (November)
  • Thanksgiving Day (November)
  • Day after Thanksgiving (November)
  • Christmas Day (December)

1 week after 1 full year of employment

2 weeks after 3 full years of employment

3 weeks after 10 full years of employment

4 weeks after 20 full years of employment

Medical Insurance:

90 days after employment, up to 5 years

Employer will pay 50% of the premium

Employee will pay 50% of the premium

5-10 years of employment

Employer will pay 67% of the premium

Employee will pay 33% of the premium

10 plus

Employer will pay 80% of the premium

Employee will pay 20% of the premium

Dental Insurance: Delta Dental Insurance

Employer pays ½ of monthly premium

Employee pays ½ of monthly premium

Disability Insurance: Principal Life Insurance (Subject to change)

Short Group Term Life - $25,000.00

Accidental Death & Disability - $25,000.00

Term Disability – up to $500.00 per week (refer to insurance policy)

Sick Leave: 2 Paid sick days annually (if not used, paid at the end of the year)

32 hour work week with 36 hours pay: (the 4 hours above 32 are considered to be “Extra”) hours which have to be earned by working 32 hrs per week

Profit sharing program based on “Gross Profit” (forth coming)

Uniform Rentals are available upon request for employees for a nominal fee.


  • In order to be eligible for holiday pay, an employee must work the day before and after each holiday, exception for Thanksgiving.
  • Eligible after 90 days
  • In order to be eligible for vacation the Employee will have had to work 40 - 32 hour weeks throughout the year
  • Extra hours may be based weekly or monthly. Either way you must work no less than 134 hours per month based on 4.3 weeks per month.
  • Also, there may be a companywide 1 week shut down on July 4th & or during the holiday season.

Employment Application

We are an equal opportunity employer and fully subscribe to the principles of equal employment opportunity. Applicants and/or employees are considered for hire, promotion and job status, without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, age, physical or mental disability

1. General Information

Are you able to perform the essential job functions of the position for which you are applying with or without reasonable accommodation?
Have you been convicted of any felonies other than minor traffic violations during the past seven years? (A criminal record or a conviction will not automatically bar employment, but will be considered only as it reasonably relates to your fitness to perform in the position for which you are applying.)

Employment History

Starting with your PRESENT or MOST RECENT EMPLOYER list in consecutive order ALL EMPLOYMENT for at least the past FOUR employers. If currently employed, may we contact your employer?

Interview Thoughts and Questions

This will give us a good idea of the person you are. Please fill out the attached questions to the best of your ability. Please leave your answers brief.

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